James Ayers

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Variety Pack



Through both film and digital media, artist James Ayers captures his subjects in a manner that leads us to more questions than answers. His mission is to examine each subject, whether living or inanimate, as a detail within some larger context, which ultimately defines it. Additionally, through his use of aggressive cropping, the scale of his subject becomes uncertain. In Variety Pack, Ayers sets up a neat geometry of pinks, purples, greens, and blues, and then makes the viewer acutely attentive to the placement of one red finger. In his piece Fabricate, he makes us question what we are even looking at. Is it a perception of movement from one state to another, a moment caught in transition? Or is it even the same traveler? This depersonalization of his subjects keeps us intrigued but off balance; his strategies require interpretation, thereby triggering the viewer to create a personalized narrative.





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