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Color Equlibrium#1 | Color Equlibrium#2 | De Latour`s Dialogues
From The Bosch`s Point of View #1 | Bosch`s Delight | From The Bosch`s Point of View #2

Color Equlibrium#1

Color Equlibrium#2

De Latour`s Dialogues

The mythic figures of Russian-born artist Nathan Brusovani (Bar) are absorbed by the phenomena of light, color, focus, and space, as he captures elusive images of which dreams are made. In Color Equilibrium #1, subtle colors bleed down blank walls as a small child makes her way cautiously down a darkened stairway, offering a sense of transparency focused into reality through a frame of light. Part of the interest of this artist's works comes from viewer speculation on how he uses the photographic process to arrive at his images. He challenges the boundaries of photography by utilizing the darkroom and/or computer as a visual research lab ... a place for discovery, observation, and meditation. Whether through negative sandwiches, multiple printing, double exposure, or other technical methods, his self-expressed goal is to enable one theme to shine through another, acquiring fresh nuances while preserving and strengthening the traces of origin, causing everything to be more true, more alive than in real life.

After graduating with a Master's degree from Leningrad University, Brusovani (Bar) studied photographic art under his elder brother Yuri in a home laboratory while participating in underground exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Emigrating to Israel, recent exhibitions have included the Sixth Annual International Festival of Photography, "Beyond Boundaries 2007" in Rome, Italy; "Painting and Photography on One Pixel" 2008, Raanana, Israel; Naestved International Mini Exhibition" 2008, Naestved, Denmark; "Memories", 2008, Lecce, Italy; and third place in Artrom Gallery's international art competition, "Revealed", 2008, Rome, Italy.


From The Bosch`s Point of View#1

Bosch`s Delight

From The Bosch`s Point of View #2


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