Richard Carey

Levity 3 | Black Light Flower | Green Lizard 1 | Butterfly | Crying Aspen | Dragonfly

Levity 3

Black Light Flower

Green Lizard 1

Photographer Richard Carey's works range from simple photographic celebrations of life to complex digital worlds that transport the mind of the observer inside the frame for further exploration. His pursuit of natural beauty is intertwined with the creativity of manipulation. He uses the camera as an extension of both his eye and his mind to produce images through a process of selection: varying the light, angle, timing; choosing the lens; focusing for effect; deciding between freezing motion and capturing it through a blur.

In Green Lizard 1, Carey photographs his subject almost camouflaged against the green of the leaves, using short focus to further emphasize the impact of the creature's captivating, inquisitive face. In Dragonfly, it is the intensity of color and the clarity of an extensively skittish subject that grabs our attention, and Carey's exploration of alternative digital realities is apparent in the humorous levity of Levity 3, in which his sense of visual composition, balance and imagination is striking.

Through skillful exploitation of color, texture, pattern and light, Carey transforms the ordinary into the remarkable, and the beautiful into the spectacular. His resulting photographs create an endless stream of fantastic images, projecting a sense of playfulness and aesthetic pleasure.


Crying Aspen



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