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The subject matter of artist Hanne Clausen tends to go against the picturesque landscape tradition. She says she is drawn to paint the city of Rotterdam, which is known to the Dutch as the "ugliest city of the Netherlands" both because of the industrial feel of its architecture and the fact that Rotterdam is a "working-class" city. Clausen’s palette can be moody, yet she wields a live brush as she shows there is indeed a very poetic side to Rotterdam. Evening is one of her favorite times of day, and in her somewhat stark yet beautiful scenes, the lighting lends mystery and intrigue to the otherwise straightforward locale. In creating her simultaneously beautiful and eerie cityscapes she uses a combination of solid paint brush stokes and diluted paint that she applies in semitransparent layers with a cloth, sponge or brush.

Other works include her landscapes of Norway, or rather the idea of Norway, her birthplace. She renders it, not the way it really is, but the way she thinks of it when she is not there.

Clausen graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Rotterdam in 1996. She works in paint, digital art, film and animation; teaches art; and her exhibitions include the Museum Boot, Rotterdam, June 2005. She is married to the Dutch artist Peter Bastiaanssen.

Rotterdam II

Rotterdam III

Rotterdam IV


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