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Flutterby Dream



The work of Kevin Delaney Courtney is dramatic in its imagination. Every square inch of each piece seems to scream out for further attention and interpretation as each new viewing reveals something fresh and previously unnoticed. Courtney sees his art as a doorway to what is essentially an infinite space within, and while escapism is definitely a factor in his work, his themes are also tools for analyzing the real world, offering us an opportunity to consider our existence with both its flaws and values.

Courtney uses the method of stippling to create his images. Stippling is the technique of using small dots to make an image, simulating varying degrees of light and shadow, tricking the eye into seeing solidity, shading and light. Each piece takes anywhere from a month to several years to complete. While the term "pointillism" is sometimes used to describe stippling, pointillism is normally used when the artist is using paints. This artist uses technical pens, a variety of ink types, and occasionally masks an area out for watercolor or ink under-painting to add depth and density to the piece.

Grinnin Guatamalan

Active Wear Kid



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