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Throughout its history, photography has struggled to place itself as a fine art. However, in the end, it is not the medium itself that defines art, but the artist who brings her own unique response to a subject and then captures that response in a manner that will engage its viewer. Louise Daddona is such an artist. Her breathtaking skills as a storyteller enable her to translate her astonishing fantasies into a visually arresting artistic statement of narrative illusion. In [Roots], we see the symbolism of the exposed tree roots as they reach downward toward the roots of a family history. But while her images are indeed narrative, they are also minimalist, leaving the viewer to come up with his own understanding or interpretation of the photograph, thus completing the narrative. These portrayals are therefore evocative of narrative circumstance rather than traditionally explicit and sequential.

Many of Daddona’s photographs are shot on black & white, and then hand colored, a technique that arrived with the invention of photography in 1839. She says she finds something special and sacred about preserving the art of working with film, and creating her images in the darkroom. She has worked for over twenty years with various magazines including Lifestyle Magazine and South Florida Parenting Magazine, and her most recent honor was being accepted into the 2005 "All Florida" Fine Art Competition, Cornell Museum of Art, Delray, FL.

Dream Island


Sinking Statue


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