Andy Drysdale

Coral Sea Drifter | Basil Blue | African Hedge | Paola's Garden | Three's Company | Driftwood Study

Coral Sea Drifter

Basil Blue

African Hedge

The drawings of artist Andy Drysdale are consummate and informative, isolating exciting aspects of the artist’s talent and heightened realism. In translating physical objects into line and shade he challenges, and is challenged by, the mystery and wonder of the visible world. Finding inspiration from the beauty of nature and the long hours mandated by the intricacies of his medium, the key to his talent seems to lurk in his composition, balance, and ability to capture not only his subject but also its very essence. In Coral Sea Drifter, the artist‘s slats overlap in ways that introduce surface ambiguities; the work conveys ponderous mass coupled with delicate fragility. His tight cropping offers us a sense of abstraction, while his lines deliver movement, replicating the flow of waves.

Drysdale was studying art even as a child in Durban, South Africa. Later, he specialized in textile design and fine arts before immigrating to Australia where he continued his fine arts studies, adding multimedia to his curriculum vitae.

Paola's Garden

Three's Company

Driftwood Study


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