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The Huntress

Sunshine Table

Ribbon and Bow Table

Thaddeus Du Bois has the uncanny ability to come up with just the right amount of delicacy and danger in his lively and well-turned artworks to keep viewers enthralled. Even his smaller works give a feeling of massiveness while the larger pieces maintain a suggestion of filigree. Of The Huntress, made of hand forged steel, leather, wool, and cotton, he suggests that the person who carries this bag has the attitude to go with it. And of DNA Coatrack he muses how it can be changed and modified by adding or taking away people’s outerwear as they come and go. Yet, his predispositions carry no conditions. He says that once his artworks leave his shop they’re on their own to take on their own history and their own stories, either real or imagined.

Du Bois has a wide and varied education which includes graduate studies at Memphis College of Art, Memphis, TN, a BA in art from the University of Alaska in Anchorage, and Machinist’s Mate Apprenticeship School, Great Lakes, IL. His long list of commissions includes the 2008 Alaska bronze commemorative statehood plaque, open edition until January 2010, and a 2009 commission for New Hope Christian Academy. He is one of three finalists chosen to memorialize sixty slave unmarked graves found near The Hermitage in Nashville, TN, and he has been commissioned to create various gates, including a completed Medieval gate for a horse pasture made of concrete, cultured stone, wood, and forged steel which is thirty feet wide by twelve feet tall by one foot thick.


Pro Deus

DNA Coatrack

Monster Heart Display Case


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