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Circus: Time or Money

Corrida II


Artist Evilo’s paintings are about movement and action, that instant a particular exertion takes place. Each piece condenses the energy of the scene through bright colors, vigorous brushstrokes, and the movement of the subjects themselves. They are lively chronicles of excitement, momentum and human interaction seemingly ready to explode from the canvas with intensity. The artist builds her compositions with several layers of paint, sometimes creating a tactile surface of large, gestural strokes. In Circus, her bright orange, hot pinks and intense lilacs add to the gaiety and animation, exhilarating its viewers with delighted emotions.

Evilo earned her Doctorate degree in Visual Arts with a ‘Tres Honorable’ mention at the Sorbonne University in Paris. Her busy exhibition schedule includes Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Strasbourg and Barcelone. Her most recent solo exhibitions were at the Georgette Dupouy Museum, DAX, in 2005 and in the famous French Jazz Festival city of Marciac in 2006. She has an upcoming exhibit at Pau and Arcachon.

Rugby I

Rugby II



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