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Something in the Air

Social Butterfly

Walter A. Fydryck uses his significant artistic skills to examine the related emotional responses amongst groupings of people. His characters seem as emotionally connected as those of the artist Ruprecht von Kaufmann appear disconnected. Using a photo process paper as a base he applies a color wash. Then, using a very fine black pencil, he delineates the forms and facial features. Colored pencil is applied over the base wash, accentuating its inherent textural qualities. Volume is created by shading, and color selection establishes the emotional content of the drawing.

Fydryck earned his associates degree from the American Academy of Fine art. Grants include those awarded in 1997 by the Illinois Arts Council and in 1999 by the Community Art Assistance Program. Permanent collections include those of the Byer Museum, IL, Goshen College, and the Tyler Museum of Art, TX. Exhibiting extensively throughout the US, his works have been included in several one-person and group shows including the 12th Biennial Drawing/Water Color Exhibit at the Tarble Arts Center at Eastern Illinois University.

After the Fact


Joyous Separation


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