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To Dreamland

Swinging Leaves

Robi Ganguli’s work, with its unpretentious knack for experimentation, embodies a delightful immersion into the residue of contemporary visual culture. He transforms nature into contemplative artworks that are masterfully manipulated into visually arresting artistic statement. In Flowers, he plays between the real and the surreal, using bright orange and intense blues to create tension and demand inspection. In Dreamland, he is less concerned with color, letting nature’s own speak for itself and focusing largely on irregular shapes with the deliberate avoidance of all but two straight edges which gives the piece a sense of movement and internal life. Engaging in its execution, his work is creative in the best sense.

As a young man, when world-renowned photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson visited Pondicherry, India to cover the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Ganguli had the good fortune of moving around with him, watching his unobtrusive techniques, for almost three weeks. Ganguli was deeply interested in photography and began participating in national and international exhibitions of pictorial photography. His work was chosen for publication in annuals including Photography Yearbook, Photograms of the Year, and the FIAP (Federation of International Art Photography) Annual. He organized the annual Pondicherry International Salon of Photography, and edited publications on behalf of the Federation of Indian Photography. In 2002, he began experimenting with digital photography and manipulation. Discovering a whole new world of luminous creativity, he has never looked back.

Quiet Morning

Dance of Nature



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