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Future Woman President

Agua de Rosas

This exhibition of Pato de los Reyes Gil samples the diverse techniques of the talented Argentina -born artist. Recognized for the energetic intensity of her works, she has demonstrated that same energy traveling worldwide to places of inspiration including Bali, Indonesia and India. The artist attributes her bright colors, and especially her magentas, to India, and her turquoises to the many oceans she has traversed. Agua de Rosas, in English, Water of Roses, consists of organic forms, composed of gently rounded shapes that interlock or overlap, and can perhaps be read as clusters of oceanic contours or systems that are joined not so much by nature as by her inspired imagination. The shapes seem melded against a blue ground while her medium of acrylic on canvas w/ rainfall water, aromatics oils & agua de rosas speaks visual volumes. It reminds of scientific knowledge grown into poetic statements.

In an altogether different style is Future Woman President, created in black and white acrylic and pencil on canvas. Pato frames her central figure with complex images, using hierarchical balance and proportion to translate importance. While her techniques can vary widely, a measure of valuable continuity is found in her fertile themes of women and the environment, which are captured meaningfully in Celebration, and to which she returns again and again.

Luna Cosmica

Tercer OJO

Atardecer @ Dharma


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