Irit Kalechman

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The works of Irit Kalechman are visual narratives, inventively conveying stories without words. In many of her pieces she uses a variety of information by creating a quilt-like border that frames her central figure(s), using hierarchical balance and proportion to translate importance while her details have been reduced to somewhat simple shapes and areas. Using related colors, style and theme she pulls each work together into a harmonious structure expertly unified through consistent technique, using firm outline and lack of color to lend further importance to the subjects of her tales. Her color palette often emphasizes soft blues, gold and pinks, enlivened with a splash of Valentine red shedding a vital, passionate flavor.

Kalechman's more recent solo exhibitions include Ne'eman Towers Tel Aviv, Ra'annana, Music &Arts Ins., Aba Hushi Ins., Haifa, and Beit Gavriel Zemach. Collections include Fondazione Vittorio Mazzuconni, Milano Italy, Museum "Yad labanim", Petach, Tikva and Museum Florean Romania.

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