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These photographs by Klaus Werner Lange are, in essence, the visual diaries of the voyages made by colossal ships as they traverse the world. In the artist's own words: "On the side of the hull is the evidence of the wear and tear of a ship's working life. These are her memories of far away, forgotten ports and many crew changes ago. Bruised ships in morning sunlight, rife with fascinating patterns of patchwork paint. No two are alike, and all are in constant transition."

As photographs, these works are an intervention into a single moment of a ship's life, a still point around which everything else is in motion. Separated from the whole of the ship, these bits and pieces emerge as abstract patterns that display a distinct emotional aura set on the dividing line between paint and film.

Lange's inaugural collection "Uncommon Perspectives" was exhibited in a month-long solo show at Emeryville, California's Watergate Community in the summer of 2002. Subsequently he has exhibited in juried shows including the East Bay Pro Arts Exhibit in California in December 2003, where his 30 image collection "Schiffseiten" was presented.

Kandinsky Palette


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