Charalampos Mathiopoulos

Little Pianola at the Window | Pianolas at the MOMA | Pianola at the City
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Little Pianola at the Window

Zoe's Little Boat

Keyboard Chessboard

Charalampos Mathiopoulos series "Little Pianola" is extraordinary not only for its classic composition but also for its geometric essentializing of his subject. Using his own photographs of real objects as building blocks, he abstracts images to high-colored descriptions through complex geometric structures. Emerging from a studied background in economics and music in London, he spent a decade performing with jazz and classical ensembles, experiences which now clearly impact his visual work, as does his childhood passion for chess. Utilizing basic forms that are used as the foundation for all other shapes - squares, rectangles, triangles, circles and ellipses - his images, placement, scale and rotation alter predictability and increase complexity, culminating in intensely convincing invention.

In his photography and print-making, this Athens-born artist aims to achieve resolution, color balance and saturation suitable for large prints of at least 125 cm (49.21 inches). Large prints, as large sculptures, pose an immense challenge, and it is here that good quality images get separated from the rest. He carries out his large-scale printing on archive paper using a state-of-the-art Durst-Lamda printer. In 2005, Mathiopoulos had solo exhibitions in Greece and France.

Pianola at the City

Pianolas at the MOMA

Hometown in Winter


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