Mike E. Miller

Fan Dance | Mediterranean Sunset | Pink Mushroom | Puffballs | Ship in a Bottle | Spirit

Fan Dance

Mediterranean Sunset

The photographs of Mike E. Miller are elegant and sleek, with lush
patterns and colors jarring enough to keep the viewer from getting too comfortable. In some ways, his brightly colored works appear to be sensuous, intricate abstractions, but in each photograph he leaves substantial evidence of nature which involves a remarkable transformation from ordinary objects to extraordinary close-up and macro images. This artist allows his instincts and inspirations to guide his work and his ideas to obsess him until he produces an image that pleases him, all the while discovering new techniques as he goes.

"My images offer a glimpse into how my mind works. I see unexpected beauty in the patterns and textures of ordinary objects, and my chosen medium of macro and close up photography allows me to share my vision with you. I see possibilities in materials as utilitarian and mundane as window screen and silicone sealant. These possibilities inspire me to sculpt images from unlikely materials, and (with meticulous lighting and careful composition) shift the viewer's perspective in the process. My wish is to illustrate the beauty and intricacy of the world around us, a world often ignored or unnoticed by the casual observer, a world sometimes no bigger than a pencil eraser or the head of a pin."

Ship in a Bottle Spirit

Pink Mushroom



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