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Mystery Steps

Falling Leaves

For many artists, geometry is their way of seeing the world. It is definitely true for artist Claudia Mosele, who bases her drawings on geometrical forms with cohesive style, spirit, and intelligence. Dating from as far back as prehistoric cave drawings, artists around the world have used geometry to express important ideas, and specifically for this artist, geometrical forms represent something that is part of all of us, a mysterious and illusive concept that can be seen in all elements of nature
including plants, trees, stones, and even our own human bodies. It is notable that her drawings such as Waterfall and Eye in the Sky are reminiscent of Art Deco, a style typically associated with the celebration of the artificial, technological, and innovative, yet she uses it to bring order and symmetry to references of nature. While deftly balancing abstract and figurative impulses, these pieces experiment with many variations of subtle color, very tonal and suggestive of light.

Following an education in Switzerland, Mosele served an apprenticeship in an architectural firm where she honed her skills in drawing construction blueprints and learned how to build houses. While working with a graphic computer program, she realized that this would be her artistic medium of choice.



Eye in the Sky


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