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The Dance

Her Fire

Born in Nepal, artist Prachie Narain spent her childhood in India and England before coming to the United States in 1994. Although primarily trained as an oil painter, Prachie is also a photographer and a sculptor. She often incorporates photography into her painting process through the use of distorted photographic fragments, and sculpture through the use of mixed media in unique approaches to the canvas and frame. Her work revolves around and embodies the concept of the feminine, in what amounts to both an explosion and a distillation of the essence of emotion, place, time, and culture. The delicacy of her images contrasts superbly with the effect of her tempestuous brushstrokes, emboldening her canvases with abstracted energy, while her innovative use of light and color add a sparkling brilliance.

She spent her earliest years in a small village in India, and in addition to the beautiful colors and sensual beauty of the countryside as reflected in her painting Naya, the problematic role of women in that culture has had an important influence on her work. She describes those early memories, as well as the experience of feeling like a constant outsider within various cultures, as the seeds from which her art has grown.

Narain earned her BA at Princeton University where she focused on Spanish and French literature as well as on art studying with Greg Drasler and Joan Waltemath. She also completed an internship with Christina Lindholm at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond and studied English literature at Oxford University. Since 2005 her work has been broadly exhibited in both solo and group shows throughout New England including Boston and Cambridge.





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