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Lake Fay

Born in Olomouc, Czech Republic, EU, the artist Vladimir Obr is a painter, photographer, and graphic artist who uses traditional techniques combined with the virtual palette and paintbrushes of the computer to create spectacular multimedia art. Now living and working in Prague, he often begins his pieces by shooting photography in the conventional manner using negative film. He then works with creative materials including oils, acrylic paints, pastels and/or watercolors, producing images of intense yet sometimes delicate color and bold, energetic composition. Finally he digitizes the works, completing them on the computer, producing archival quality prints, which are limited to editions of 10. Described by the art critic Dr. Miroslav Klivar, President of the European Academy of Fine Arts, Orb’s art is a matter of decomposition, where the individual creative elements are isolated, deprived of their iconic properties, resulting in a divergence of style. His pieces are extraordinary not only for their amazing visual intricacy but also for their overall exuberance.

Obr is registered in the National Register of professional Visual Artists working in the Czech Republic, EU, and is listed in the “Lexicon of Visual Artists of the Czech Republic”, edition Chagall. He has exhibited extensively in museums and galleries in Prague, Brno, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, China, the Czech Republic, Austria, Monaco and France.

Magic Landscape

Sun Birth

True in Stone


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