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Shift of the Ages | Radiating Forth | Earth Changes | Freedom | Let Love Rule | Fueled By Pure Intent

Shift of the Ages

Radiating Forth


The images of photographer Jennifer Parsons-Anderson are about dissolving the barriers between matter and spirit. When feathery wisps of lacy threads collide with ominous gestures of threatening storms, the juxtaposition can produce powerful imagery. Passionately intrigued with clouds, this artist allows her instincts and inspirations to guide her work until she produces images that reveal what is in her mind's eye and expose her feelings of truth and awareness.

In Shift of the Ages, she explores the different weaves that make up the whole of life. She explains, if we simply looked at the weaves within a certain reality, they could begin to tell us everything we need to know. By capturing the image at its ultimate majesty, she centers our attention on the intricate abstractions of spontaneity and its optimum luminosity. Photography of this nature can be a test of timing, patience and technical wit. This artist uses all three to successfully visualize the essence of her subject.

Parsons-Anderson's work was accepted for the 2005 Sommerwende International Arts Festival in Berlin, Germany. Other 2005 exhibition locations include London, Beverly, MA, and Omaha, NE, and she is presently employed as an artist for an art consultancy program. After earning her AS at Keiser College in Melbourne, FL, and continuing her education at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Parsons-Anderson is currently expanding her artistic endeavors through Glendale Community College in Arizona.

Earth Changes

Let Love Rule

Fueled By Pure Intent


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