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In Contemplation

Daisy Dancer

Hi Dive

Having spent a great deal of time in Barbados as a child, artist Jennifer Pick still remembers her summers and Christmas holidays on the Island in the Sun. Her memories of the women of Barbados and their beautiful colors inspire her imagination as the lines and colors of her works develop their powers of expression. Characterized by flat, bold areas of color, she creates a visual color harmony that engages the viewer through intensely stimulating information and dynamic equilibrium. In the work In Contemplation, she uses a range of analogous colors moving from blues through purples to hot pinks, and then splashes her image with complementary greens and golds to create maximum contrast and stability. In Dress and Dancer her subjects are in action poses, creating a sense of movement that is emphasized by the repetition of the elements on their clothing. Their overall effect exudes style, spirit and intelligence.

Pick received her bachelor of arts degree from Hamilton College, Clinton, NY.

Blue Dress

Bajan Tide



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