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Empire State Building | Boy and His Cat | Remembering Ronald Reagan
Miami Art Deco | Mother and Child | Taking Rest

Empire State Building

Boy and His Cat

Remembering Ronald Reagan

The paintings of Swiss artist Boris Posavec are concerned with recording the ordinary activities of life. An acute observer of the nuances of the seasons, times of day, weather, and to a heightened extent, people, his direct and honest depiction of subjects reflects social and cultural characteristics. His simple flat figures, bright colors and unrealistic spatial relationships are all characteristics representative of folk art, a broad term used to describe a range of artistic expression in which traditional rules of perspective and proportion are usually ignored. Often using the most difficult technique of oil painting on glass (in this exhibit all but Miami Art Deco is oil on glass), his works reveal a calm, contemplative vision. A quintessential Posavec is Boy and His Cat. The picture is an expressive, loving exploration of a child and his pet sitting in the midst of a fanciful countryside. While his overt stylization gives a storybook effect, the cat's penetrating green eyes stare out at us with unsettling realism.

In his most current works, the authentic expression of beauty and the emotional imitation of life and nature are poignant themes which underscore the artist's "Modern Art" phase. According to Posavec, his raw emotions are portrayed in a style stemming directly from personal feelings and interpretations. Whether the medium is canvas or glass (which allows for an intensity of color unmatched by other surfaces), the unmistakable style of Posavec's unique work is impossible to ignore. In his expressive portrait of former US President Ronald Reagan, his work is decisive and respectful of order, and was praised by Mr. Reagan in a personal letter to the artist.

Solo exhibitions for Posavec include Gallery Steiner, Bremgarten, Switzerland; Stadtscheuer, Waldshut, Germany; Kunsthaus, St. Moritz, Switzerland, and Gallery Fink, Waldshut, Germany, among others. Group exhibitions include Rendez-vous Internationale, Gallery Kasper, Morges, Switzerland; Gallery and Auction haus Dr. Dolezal, Zurich, Switzerland; and Agora Gallery, New York City, among others. Scheduled exhibitions include Ferarra, Italy, November 2006 and Oberrohrdorf, Switzerland for spring 2007.

Miami Art Deco

Mother and Child

Taking Rest


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