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By A Simple Force | Mi Vida | Apple on Canvas | Directions | El Appellido | Bejewlled with Raindrops

By A Simple Force

Mi Vida

Apple on Canvas

Melanie Ann Prapopoulos takes her cues from the exuberant colors and designs of Latin America and the Caribbean, areas that offer unique artistic languages that result in an upbeat vocabulary for expression. These, coupled with ideas of dance and movement, result in what the artist feels is an often ignored reality, one grounded in strong lines and the unexplainable – giving expression not just for the peoples of these regions, but in a universal sense. Whether utilizing contrasting colors such as the bold turquoise and turbulent reds in By A Simple Force, or composing in a more monochromatic palette as in Bejewlled with Raindrops or Directions, her use of color dramatically punctuates each composition.

Prapopoulos earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from New York University and her Master of Arts degree from the University of Indianapolis. Over the past two years she has exhibited in Berlin, Germany; Hamburg, NJ; Parika, Paros, Athens, and Chania, Greece; Miami, FL; and Long Island City, Chelsea, and New York City. Other exhibition cities in 2007 include Lamia, Greece; London, England; and Ferrara and Florence for the Biennale, Italy, Beijing, China and New York City. Reviews have appeared in several publications, among which are ArtNYC and Gallery & Studio, New York.


El Appellido

Bejewlled with Raindrops


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