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A Life of Flowers

The Rhythm of Color

Having Second Thoughts

Padma Prasad’s works are astonishingly powerful, elemental in their simplicity, and unflinching in their honesty. Her subjects are mainly people, their expressions, attitudes and postures making visible what is often psychologically hidden – hidden in us as individuals and in our social relations. The sumptuousness of her color palette embodies the richness of her creativity and vision; hot pinks, fiery reds, and earthy browns channel energy and depth into her engagingly contemplative subjects. In Girl on Couch, the woman’s dress almost springs from the surface as it contrasts against an otherwise neutral canvas, while in A Life of Flowers, she uses a profusion of intense color as background, focusing attention to her male subject who is seemingly lost in introspection by dressing him in contrasting white and black.

Prasad feels her best qualification to be an artist came with the early training she gleaned as the daughter of the well-known contemporary Indian artist, Dr. M. Reddeppa Naidu. Painting continuously as a child in her father’s studio, then setting aside her brushes as a young woman, she resumed her painting in 1997 upon coming to America, recognizing her need to recreate life at home in India. Exhibiting in both the United States and Canada, one of her happiest honors came when she was awarded the People’s Choice Award at the Fairfax Art League Exhibition, July 2005, Old Town Hall, Virginia.


Hanging Out Together


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