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Rivers Bank


Rain Washed Morning

The strength of these paintings by Ursula E. Rettich lie in their careful balance of realism and abstraction and their unique synthesis of form and color. Her deep connection to nature is evident; many objects appear organic and even her abstracts have a sense of movement. Her intricate layering of objective and subjective meaning reflects the intense wonder that she associates with the landscape. Inspired by her early years living on the remote Island of Sylt in the North Sea, the region set the mood of tranquility, isolation and mystery that permeates her works. Her often vibrant palette of vivid turquoise, keen purples and brilliant reds contributes to the overall sense of passion she captures in her emotional representations.

Born and raised in Germany, Rettich worked in Switzerland before immigrating to Cassiar, British Columbia, Canada. She moved to Kaslo, B.C. in 1999 where she lives at nature's doorstep in the Kootenay region. She has exhibited extensively throughout Vancouver and the rest of B.C. since 1979, enjoying both public art and private gallery exposure through solo and group exhibitions.

At a Different Place


Morning Winning


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