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Red Tulip


John Coltrane

Art Rice has an uncanny ability to create strong, high-impact images that imprint a unique memory in the viewer’s mind. Whether shooting his own digital images or scanning hand-drawn sketches, he takes advantage of his balanced sense of composition and his knack for exploiting his subject’s artistic potential. Once establishing his representational ground, he then uses electronic versions of brushes, filters, etc., to produce images unattainable through conventional photographic tools. In Red Tulip, beginning with a beautiful, yet unremarkable blossom, he manipulates the image, intensifying the colors to sensuous turquoise and hot oranges, and softening the edges to give the effect of watercolor. In Front Porch Brick he photographed his own front porch, and then enhanced the colors with hue and saturation, cropping the image tight enough that it pops with brilliance and abstraction.

Rice’s art has been published by Personality Posters of New York and KRS Studios, as well as by other publishing companies. His works have been included in Prop Art, written by Gary D. Yanker, in MacWorld magazine, MacDesign, Graphic Design USA, and Mactalk.

Front Porch Brick

James Dean Giant

WTC Subway Sign


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