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Cats Cradle

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We at galleryNOW extend our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of artist Nick Sciurba, who died in January of 2005. We will continue to offer his astonishingly beautiful and technically masterful mixed media works. He will be missed.

The work of Nick Sciurba is astonishingly beautiful and technically masterful. Extravagant in its refined detail, it merges Renaissance and oriental influences, creating images with multifaceted appeal.

Epic in their visual gratification, these classically grand collages combine intricate composition with painterly brushwork into seamless narrative works. In Cat's Cradle we become so immediately involved that our fingers gravitate to it, wanting to grab the string and play. Brilliantly colorful and deftly crafted, these are works for all seasons, fitting comfortably into both traditional and contemporary settings.

Sciurba graduated from the Art Institute of Chicago. He also studied at the Art Students' League in New York. Working in both oils and collage, he now devotes full-time to his career in the fine arts.

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Harlequin Wrestler


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