Justin Scott

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Beach Bather 2

Ordered Chaos 2

Composition 2

Artist Justin Scott says that, for him, painting is like a symphony on canvas. Although his multitude of frenetic forms seems to cause the image to teeter on the brink of chaos, somehow the whole thing manages to coalesce in vibrant, pulsating concord. Lines, planes, arcs, and circles take the place of instruments and come together in coherent harmony. Geometric gestures hop, skip and jump across the canvas with enough spontaneity that it appears the musical score is dancing to and fro. As the eyes move across the canvas, his sophisticated use of color, indicative of his effort to create movement, is soured just enough to be interesting. It has been said that the art of painting is knowing when to stop. Based on the works of this painter, he is well attuned to that moment.

Composition 4




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