John Sproul

Affected Desecration | Me for Dinner | Untitled #16 | Scratch of Skin | Woman

Affected Desecration

Me for Dinner

Passion blasts from the canvases of John Sproul, yet his solitary figures seem disarmingly passionless. From a Technicolor pallet emerges a sense of profound human isolation. His subjects, at once compelling and unsettling, command our attention.

Sproul earned his bachelor of fine arts degree in studio art from the University of Utah. Selected exhibitions include those at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles and the Springville Museum of Fine Arts. Competitions include the May, 1998 exhibit at the California Center for Contemporary Art, LA, a purchase award from the Eccles Art Center, Ogden, Utah, and a Traveling Exhibit Award from the Utah Museum of Fine Arts.

This artist has a serious gift for high-impact imagery. His subjects stare straight out at us with their cries for human contact - or is it an acceptance of bleak hopelessness? In either case, we are drawn in, confronted, and challenged to improve the condition of humankind.

Untitled #16

Scratch of Skin



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