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Art: You Just Don't Get It

What Lies Beneath (The Subtle Truth)

The central focus of Aranka Sternberg’s recent images is surface… not just one surface but additional hidden surfaces. They present both an integrated plane and discrete layers; hidden messages written into many of her works prompt the viewer to ask questions that are mirrored in the paintings themselves. The layers of paint and texture are indicative of her understanding that there is more than meets the eye, something going on “underneath” that is equally crucial and responsible for the final results that we see. In this exhibit, she first captures an audience with a technique created by producing a mixture of acrylic paint and mortar that she spreads using different sized “paddles”, forming depth and substance. On another level she hides messages within that are as much a reminder to her as they are to the observer that we are all reflections of each other to ourselves.

A graduate of the University of South Florida, Sternberg has worked and traveled throughout the world in places as diverse as Budapest, Hungary; Paris, France; and Cairo, Egypt collecting found objects and observations for her art. Her works are in the collections of Sandy Alomar Sr., New York, NY and Puerto Rico, Dr. Melissa Battersby, Palm Springs, California, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Bell, Palm City, Florida, Family Mary Flor Flores Segura, Cartago, Costa Rica, Mark Fuller, West Palm Beach, Florida, Mrs. Dianne Moon, Vancouver, B.C., Suren Hovsepian, Palm Beach, Florida, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Garber, Hudson, Ohio, and Mr. & Mrs. Tom Koloszar, Toronto, Canada, among many others.

Deep Blue

First Date Deal Breakers

Green With...


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