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The works of photographer Brian Winebrenner reflect a strong, courageous point of view. In his piece Dandelion, the artist has chosen to photograph this "weed we love to hate", not as a bed of tiny yellow flowers stretching across a glorious field reaching up to a perfect blue sky, but instead as a single blossom head immersed in a bed of tangled greens and dead, brown grass, set against a scratched, weather-beaten board while broken twigs appear in the foreground. Even the subject itself represents a daunting strength, growing under more adverse circumstances than most of its competitors. And in Birdhouse, we see leafless, uprooted trees, snow covered branches and a single birdhouse defying the elements to provide warmth and protection.

Disabled in 2001 by a bipolar disorder and chronic fatigue syndrome, Winebrenner says he draws on these disabilities while creating his art. Perhaps it is due to this methodology he assigns himself that his images project their severity of mood, lightly touched by a fragment of hope.



Allen Lake


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